General Disclaimer

PSYJUKEBOX Rules and Code of Conduct

We do have a few rules of conduct about PSYJUKEBOX. We want everyone to get involved and interact on these pages, and we’re very happy to hear your views – even criticisms – but please do it constructively and moderate your language and avoid any threatening or derogatory remarks or behavior while taking part in discussions. Please be respectful and tolerant and bear in mind that people of all ages and views will be using this site.

 In order to keep the feed stream and all groups operating as smoothly as possible we DO-NOT allow any SELF-PROMOTION/cross advertisement of any kind and SOLICITATION in the same regards. If you want to share your set or events on our website, please use the "Submit set or Register events" process.

We don’t believe in censoring opinions, but we take these rules seriously, and expecting you to do it as well. If you break these rules we reserve the right to remove comments we believe will be offensive to other readers, or qualify as unreasonable ‘trolling’ behavior.

General restriction

Here our rules remember:

1) All Posts  in the feed stream or groups, must be written in ENGLISH only to allowed our international community to read and follow threads.

2) Respect others  whose ideas or opinions are different to their own. Don't let a personal issue strain the rest of the community and please report anyone you feel that  is expressing views or opinions that are offensive, defamatory, abusive, or otherwise contrary to our Terms of Use.

3)  No Self Promo! Any and all self promo will be deleted and could result in having your account terminated.

4) Uploading and sharing means you must always be 100% certain that you are the creator of what     you're uploading, or have permission from all relevant rights holders.  

5) No Rant, flame or troll will be tolerate. Inappropriate behavior, including abusive, defamatory, obscene, racist or offensive comments, will be deleted and could result in having your account terminated.

6) You may not use any third parties' likenesses, names, and/or properties without their express permission.PSYJUKEBOX usernames are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please don’t register accounts in the name of another person, or using someone else’s trademark in any case. If you feel that someone is impersonating you on our platform, or is infringing your trademark, please let us know by sending us a email.


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