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Tree of Life Festival is a psychedelic music arts and lifestyle Gathering. It is made with A lot of thought, Love and dedication. Our 5th edition will be held in A new and amazing beach Location, Located in Asprovalta Greece with a huge array of colorful visitors from all over the globe.

Psy-Trance community sets an example for harmony and global respect between so many different nationalities. We, the Tree of Life crew, believe that we can use that to create a change, as small as it might be, that change can grow and become significant for the sake of our children. Across the years we came to know and work with many good people from all over the world, all have the same goal:

Leaving behind all politics race and religion, to connect as one, to the Tree of L i f e !

Therefore, we believe that the way is as important as the goal itself and our goal is to help this unity and awareness grow bigger and stronger mostly share the gift of giving without wanting back in return! The Tree of Life crew is welcoming people who wish to support this vision, and there is a LOT to be done! even by signing up and staying in contact you will help creating this change.

Yours Truly,
The Tree of Life Team.


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