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Some of us use festivals as an excuse to abandon technology for a weekend, but if you’re looking to meet up with friends you’ll need some method of communication.


    • Though this may fill you with a sense of nostalgia, we chose this phone because it’s built for purpose. With little in the way of frills, other than Snake, the phone will last you up to a month on standby. We used it over a weekend in London and only saw the battery drop by 40 per cent. There’s a camera for selfies, and if it’s anything like it’s predecessor it’ll put up with a fair few knocks too.

    • We live in a technology age, might as well embrace it. Whether you want the extra battery life to keep in contact with your friends or just to update your social media accounts, we're not here to judge.

    • Even if you switch your phone off at night and use power-saver mode, a charger pack can be a lifesaver to avoid long phone charging queues. The power bank will charge your smartphone three times over – exactly enough to get you through a festival weekend. It’s pocket-sized and has two USB slots – so if you’re getting into the festival spirit you can help out a friend in need.

    • If you’re arriving late on Friday evening you may need more than one while you’re pitching the tent, but every camper should have a torch. Try finding something in your tent in the pitch black and you’ll see why.

    • Don’t bring any more valuables than you need to, but you really should have some way of recording your experience. If your phone camera is up to the task, go with that. If you want a more fun photo experience, pick up a few disposables and enjoy the surprise when your snaps come back.

    • Sometimes you find a lost plug at the campsite – charge party!

    • If you want to bring your little ones to a festival, give them a pair of these. These funky ear cans mean your tiny terrors will actually want to wear them. Plus they’re lightweight and flexible so they’ll survive whatever misadventures your kids get into.

    • While everyone is at a festival to have a good time, the mixture of booze, crowds, drugs, and being exposed to the elements means things can and do go wrong. As such, it's not a bad idea to have something to consult until you can get real medical attention if things do take a turn for the worse - whether it's sunburn or a broken bone you're dealing with.
      The official first aid app of the Red Cross provides tips on how to prepare for common emergency first aid situations, as well as step-by-step guides on what to do if you find yourself in said situations. All the information is contained within the app, meaning you don't even need an internet connection to access it.
      FireChat, the elegant mesh networking app that lets you talk to you friends without an internet connection, just got even better. While you've been able to use the app on iOS and Android devices separately for months, a new version of the app lets you cross the platforms. It sounds pretty neat!FireChat Love, lets you create a network where any iOS device can connect to any Android device.

    • If you’ve opted for a family tent with a dedicated chill-out space, you'll need some tunes to kickback with. But even if your tent is dinky, being able to play your own music while you're chilling out or getting dressed for another session will amp your enjoyment of festival camping.

      A portable, rugged and water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is the ideal solution here. You may also want a speaker that's small enough to carry around with you and not leave in your tent.

    • As anyone who’s wasted a whole box of matches while trying to light a disposable BBQ will know, windy weather is no friend to the humble flame. Reignite your grilling ambitions with a windproof Lighter

    • Remember those delightful misting fans that everyone used to bring to amusement parks? Here's the updated version: a mini fan that plugs right into your phone's charging port. You'll basically feel like a member of the royal family.

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