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numbolic is a music platform based in zurich that cares for unconsumed and deep electronic club & underground music. it was founded in 2009 by the innovative swiss duo 'dualism'.
"as we offer a platform for artists who all share the same goals and ideas we are constantly trying to push musical and artistic boundaries.."!

either of the labels, numbolic records & numbolic unlimited, releases on 12inch vinyl & digital format by this time.

working with talented artists such as jacek sienkiewicz, pheek, dualism, cesare vs. disorder, lineas de nazca geoff bell, christian dittmann, hidenobu ito, butane, ditch just to name a few, numbolic stands for unconsumed and delicate music that represents distinctive view of todays electronic & clubbing underground music.

given the charts & playlists from musician around the globe such as karotte, deepchild, chris liebing, maurizio fabrizio, mathias schaffhäuser, falko brocksieper, jeff milligan a.o. reviews on de:bug & raveline bear out the quality & potential of numbolic.

despite of todays musical fashion numbolic operates way beyond mainstream.

the fascination for experimental music is obvious and the label's repertoire doesn't reluct to have a daring and sometimes even provocative musical output.

be numbolic..!

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