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It was 1995 when Amorphia started... What pushed us towards the creation of the Amorphia team was the passion for music and events, offering each time more and more fascination to the crowd. We’re the first at that time, that started the Sunday-afternoon parties; the first one on the 5th of November 1995 at Camel Club, Athens!

From 1995 to 2000, we organized some of the biggest events in Greece, including artists like: Jodi Sidhu, Tim Schuldt, Dino Psaras, Steve Ronan, Serge, Oforia, Avi (Indoor), Tsuyoshi, Domino (Juno Reactor), G.M.S., Ceiba Kode IV, Fred Giteau (POF), Mr Oz (Lush rec.), ED Nexus (Inter1), Darren (Dragonfly), Hayden (Blue Room), Sandman, Max (Ethnica), Astral Projection, Goagil, Dan Dan (Typhoon), Shiva Shidapu, Talamasca, Absolum, Transwave, Synchro, Kristian Thinning (Elysium), Sid Shanti, Xerox, Jean Boreli and in legendary venues. After Camel Club, we co-operated with various teams such as Sunrise Zone, Brain Storm, Trancemedia, Nazca, making a series of successful parties at the biggest clubs: Battery, Alsos, Plus Soda, Amfitheatro, Camel, Eot Alimou, Eot Voulas, Theatre Delfinario etc.

Suddenly in the year 2000, a big thunderstorm covered the rave tribes of Greece and Amorphia had to stop their parties... From 2001 - 2003 it was the years of the Festivals in Greece, with the now legendary Samothraki Dance Festival and the years to follow had ups and downs in the Athens party scene, with most of the old school promoters kicking out the scene for various reasons...

15 years after our first party and 10 years after our last, we came back in 2010 and since then are blasting Greece every month and almost every week! Presenting classic & headlining artists but also many new talents and upcoming Djs, we have already organized 50 parties in 2 years and we continue! Amorphia represented the massive decoration concept in parties, that for years was missing from the Athens scene, together with massive sound systems! Since 2010, Amorphia organize some of the biggest events in Greece, including artists like: TRISTAN (NANO Rec),Z-CAT , ITAL,SENSIENT,TALAMASCA, TERRANOISE,SCORB, IANUARIA, ZEN MECHANICS,COSMO,DICK TREVOR,U RECKEN,SPACE TRIBE,OCELOT,MATERIA,DIGICULT,ACE VENTURA,PANTOMIMAN,HEADROOM,LOST & FOUND,LAUGHING BUDDHA,APHID MOON......

Moving forward, we are working with many International & National Festivals that trust us for their representation in Greece about promo & sales. The year 2013 will find Amorphia working hard on the establishment of a new & unique festival in Greece and some very special projects!

And the beat goes on....Stay Tuned! Future is NOW !



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