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WAO Festival is a permanent laboratory for environmental sustainability, eco-architecture and permaculture.

WAO Festival is located in one of the most extraordinary locations of Italy. The border between Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio is the geographical heart of the peninsula and a place immensely rich with Art, Culture, Spirituality, and mysteries. Within a 150 km radius from our location, you'll find an infinite number of wonders that will steal you heart and will remain engraved forever in your memories. WAO Festival is not just an event, but it's the experience of a deep journey in the culture and beauty of a territory unique in the world.

WAO Festival is a permanent laboratory for environmental sustainability and a multi disciplinary initiative dedicated to the development and promotion of initiatives in the field of eco-architecture and permaculture. Our aim is to increase the skills of individuals in the field of sustainability through the organization of festivals, events, conferences, workshops, presentations and through active participation. Our activities will also be dedicated to agricultural production using organic methods, the recovery of farming techniques and traditional building, the promotion of responsible tourism and the development of open source solutions for sustainability.

To apply permaculture principle to every single aspect of the organization of the festival is the fundamental goal that we have set for ourselves, as well as promoting sustainability in every aspect of daily life. Since the first event we aim to use mainly composting toilets, biofuels, solar/wind energy and organic food produced locally. In the medium term we aim to have in place a biological water treatment plant, structures implemented according to the principles of eco-architecture, and the experimental orchards developed with the method of synergistic. As soon as technologies advancement will allow, we aspire to realize an event completely off-the-grid.

WAO has the fundamental purpose of facilitating the evolution of both the individual and the collective through the exchange of experience and informations and to guide the individual to fulfill his full potential; cocreating a positive future for this and for generations to come. Our project is basically a space for cocreating evolution, and inspire the spark of virtuous behavior and care for environment in participants, while triggering a new interpretation of reality.



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